June 2018 Newsletter


Saturday June 16th, 2018 Noon

Lunch at Noon and Auction Starts at 1

Clearcreek Park, Springboro


Going Once, Going Twice....† Annual Auction and Picnic


This is our annual event that we hold jointly with the Greater Cincinnati Orchid Society. A great chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones and get some new things for your collection!!


Our annual Picnic and Auction will be June 16th at Clearcreek Park in Springboro, Ohio (45066 is the zip code)- Located at 3500 Lower Springboro Rd.† The Park is very easy to get to-† Head east on SR 73 from I-75.† Take S. Pioneer Blvd (Speedway Station on the corner) south off of SR 73 until it dead ends into W. Lower Springboro Rd.† Take a right onto Lower Springboro and the park entrance will be down on the right.† Take the entry drive and you will see the shelter on the right past the first parking lot.


Lunch will be at noon and the auction will start about 1 PM. Lunch is part pot luck- Please bring a side dish such as a salad, chips, or other good picnic items or a dessert of some sort. The society will supply meats, buns, condiments, drinks, plates and utensils needed. There are plenty of picnic tables, but folks can also bring comfortable chairs as well to use.


For the Auction, anyone is welcome to bring plants or other orchid related items to sell. We have lots of plants for sale, but have also have had potting materials and growing equipment at the sale as well. If you plan to sell, please make sure to give yourself some time to unload and register your items. When you arrive, you will be issued a seller number from your home society which will be applied to every item via a sticker which the society will provide. You can also put a minimum bid amount on the sticker if desired. All items will then be auctioned off during the afternoon. The society will take 20% of the sale price of each item as a fund raiser and the balance of the sale will be sent to each seller about a week after the auction.


Come and bid- bid high and bid often! This is a great place to pick up some new and interesting things for your collection. Items sell for a wide range of prices- some for a few dollars and some go for much higher depending on the items being sold. All generally go for great bargains! There will be seedlings, divisions and even some blooming plants! When you arrive, you can sign up for a buyer number. This will allow us to track your high bids. At the end of the auction, all items must be paid for by either cash or check.


Typically the auction will go until about 4 PM. This is also a lot of fun to watch and a great opportunity to learn about plants as well.


If you have any questions, please email Eric Sauer at eric@rvorchids.com or call him at 937-938-7077




Mark your calendars for July 7th to hear Roy Tokunaga of H&R Nurseries speak on Dendrobiums and Dave Bird of Birdís Botanicals speak on Growing under Lights and also Phrag kovachii hybrids.†† This is a great opportunity to hear four great talks from two speakers.†† Plants will also be for sale at the event or you can pre-order to have the plants brought to the event.

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