February 2019 Newsletter


Wednesday February 13th, 2018 7:00 PM

Social and Culture Questions 6:30 PM

Cox Arboretum


Speaker: Stan Better

Topic: Showing Orchids and Orchid Judging- How does that work?


With our show happening just a few days after the meeting, this monthís topic will help all of us better understand how the judging process works.† Stan Better is a very active member of the society and a long time grower.†† He will discuss the process of judging and what all of those strange looking designations and AOS awards mean and how to get them.†† He will take us through the ribbon judging and also the national judging process and show you how it is not really scary of difficult, but quite a fun process.


We will be meeting at the Thai Kitchen for dinner before the meeting at 5:15.



The Nobodyís have really stepped up for volunteering for food for this and upcoming meetings. The Nobodyís need to replaced by actual members to bring real food for the meeting!† Please let Linda know if you can help!† We still need to replace the Nobodyís for the months of February, April, May, October and November.† She will have a sign up sheet at the meeting for 2019 food volunteers.†† Please plan to sign up if you enjoy having food at our monthly meetings!!



Many of you have already renewed, but if you have not, please get your membership dues to Steve Ryan.† Bring them to the meeting or mail it to him on the address on the renewal form.†


Next up is our Spring Show at Cox Arboretum!† Set up will start setup Friday morning about 9 am and will run until about 8 pm.† Please plan to help out for set up, tear down or many of the needed things during the weekend.† We will have sign up sheets at the meeting.†


After hearing the talk, you all will be more than qualified to help as a clerk.† Plan on helping as a clerk on Saturday morning!† Free breakfast and lots of fun and learning! You do not have to have any experience to help out at the show and this includes clerking!†


Most importantly, we will need lots of your blooming plants for the society exhibit. Make sure your plants are staked and your plants are nice and clean.†† Also, make sure that you put your name on a piece of tape on the pot so we know who each plant belongs to.†† Feel free to bring plants Wednesday night for the meeting and leave them for set up!† We will need all plants no later than Friday morning about 10 AM.†† We are more than willing to help you enter your plants, so donít let that stop you from bringing your plants to the show!† If you are not going to be able to bring your plants until Friday morning, please bring the plantís name to the meeting or email it to Eric so we can get them registered ahead of time.

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